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Remote Ignition Cable
Remote Ignition Cable Volkans automatically in organizations such as marriage contracts, engagements and weddings It is a product that provides remote heating. Additionally, if you do not have an Ignition System to use the product, you can download it from our Ignition Systems category. You can browse the products.
Product Features
  • 30CM procedures.
  • Can be fired with 12v.
  • Can be fired with 220v.
  • If you want a ready-detonated Electronic Volcano; You can take a look at our product Remote Controlled Volcano.
Wholesale Remote Ignition Cable
Our wholesale sales with special vehicles to businesses throughout Istanbul and our Cylinder Volkan Outdoor sales continue. Please contact us to purchase Wholesale Remote Ignition Cable and Wholesale volcano.. We have certain regional departments in Istanbul every day of the week. Our sales continue via cargo throughout Türkiye.  

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