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25 Shots Fireworks
25 Shots Fireworks products, also known as Fireworks Batteries, are products frequently used in organizations such as birthdays, marriage proposals, anniversaries and weddings. It has become one of the prominent and indispensable products in organizations in terms of price and performance. You can use the product quickly and practically for all your organizations.
Product Features
  • Used only in open areas.
  • Fires 25 1 inch firework balls.
  • The average ascent height is 25-30 meters.
Wholesale Fireworks
Our wholesale fireworks and volcano sales continue with special vehicles to businesses throughout Istanbul. Please contact us to purchase Wholesale Fireworks and Wholesale Volcanoes. We ship to certain areas in Istanbul every day of the week. Our sales continue via cargo throughout Türkiye.
Usage Instructions
  • Those under the age of 18 cannot use it.
  • It should be placed on a flat surface and supported on the sides with a sandbag or stone.
  • Must be fired away from people or flammable materials.
  • When igniting the wick, no part of the user's body should come over the product.
  • After igniting the fuse, move away quickly.
  • Improper use may cause fire and injury.

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