International Export Routes: Eastern European Countries, Middle East, Africa


Perakende Satışımız Bulunmamaktadır. Satışlarımız Koli Bazlı ve Toptandır.
Wholesale Luminous Non-Alcoholic Champagne Red
These are products frequently used in events such as birthdays, marriage proposals, anniversaries and weddings. It has become one of the prominent and indispensable products in organizations in terms of price and performance. In addition, recently nightclubs, cafes and new generation taverns have started to use these products to entertain their customers.

Information: The product is not sold individually, only wholesale for businesses.
Special orders are prepared for you and your business with a Custom Design Logo. Additional Logo fee is +10₺.

Product Features
  • It is a non-alcoholic fruit flavored carbonated drink
  • There are lights at the bottom of the product that turn on in different modes.

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